As a filmmaker, photographer and writer, the motivating force behind the work I do is to tell stories.

I write, direct, shoot, edit, storyboard. I do photo shoots, write poetry, make movies just so I can tell a story.

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Primarily I am a Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Photographer with experience across multiple genres from documentaries, to corporate films, music videos, narrative fiction and commercials.

I like working from scratch, hands on with ideas, concepts and design, either writing or adding to a brief. Working this way makes it the shortest distance between the idea to the finished story, whether it be told in the style of short film, documentary, animation, photo shoots ,etc.

I’m set up so that I can work as the Storyteller along with the client on a project, using my own production skills or bringing in a trusted crew if the project requires that.

I like to work with my bare hands making something from nothing using the the tools of my trade such as: concept development, writing, art direction, post, editing, motion graphics, directing, shooting, photography, project management and creative collaboration