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Chasing Santa through the streets

This is a bit of a throwback , but christmas was just way too busy this year to post this.

I think I must have got it from my Irish Granny. Growing up I thought everybody in the world knew her. We could hop on a bus and by the time we got to the destination she had everyones story. At large family gatherings, once all the latest news from family and friends was done, she was off, telling and listening to stories from other hotel guests. Many of whom  were from other parts of the world and hadn’t long arrived of the plane. 

I loved it. Her secret , she was just so genuine and friendly that everybody seemed to want to talk to her. 

Anyways something must have rubbed off, because thats what I love doing most. Meeting people like in these pictures and videos I have done and getting to know peoples story and capturing a glimpse of who they are.

On this occasion they were strangers from the local community who came out to see Santa coming down their street. I spent a month running around the city trying to capture the the spirit of these magical evening’s. I opted for both photography and Videography to try and do them justice.

Click here to see the Photography

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