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Jimmy Hill – Legacy

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In the making of this movie I am reminded  of why I love sport. Yes there are those moments where one second changes everything, nerves wracking palpitations, anguish, wild celebrations.But even more so, why I love sport, is because of characters such as this legend, Jimmy Hill.

I got to hear lots of great stories about him and like any great story he has all the elements, drama, inspiration, competition, victory, defeat and, looming above it all, revolution, sky blue revolution.

Thanks to the football fans, players , volunteers and whole extended coventry community for sharing both stories and personal pictures and footage of this great man , Jimmy Hill.

Videography, Edited, Directed, Produced,  – Barry Fitzgerald

Archive Footage:  Coventry City FC , Dean Nelson

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Dancing in between the 20mph winds and snow were these young boys and girls raising money for Kit Aid. Whilst they were smiling, laughing and thankfully not been blown into the next field I was looking for an opportunity to launch the bird and capture their efforts before the 40MPH winds and snowstorm landed. Thankfully we just about got away with it. Ah well , you have got to love to do it, and I love it.


Photography, Videography, Edited, Directed, Produced, Concept – Barry Fitzgerald

Spotters: Jason Timms, Warren Cattell

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Dawn Of Catmonk – Guitars in Flames

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I couldn’t just take one or two photo’s. Not when you have compositions dreamed up by a man from the Wicklow mountains, a Viking beating the drums, and a girl called Clare singing soul into our brains, and wingmen playing guitars like they were in flames.

Yes I love taking pictures and making video’s, even more I love telling stories with photo’s and videos.

You still had to be there to witness a great night, but here is just a taste.

Photography,Edited, Directed, Produced, Concept – Barry Fitzgerald

Music: Good To Be Alive – Dawn Of Catmonk

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