Fitzy Family 2015

Every year I like to give some time to creating my own personal project.

2015, a year when my forever young granny , my fun loving uncle (Milo), my daring great uncle (Tom) and lovely sweet gentle father in law passed away. My first thought was that was a world without colour and light. But a different story emerged from our Fitzy family footage archive. As we edited the footage we noticed that maybe when there might be grey skies, how much more a smile can be like a sunrise, and maybe when your wings are a little broken how much more beautiful the flight.
We love to dare greatly , scale heights and climb mountains in our family but even though we couldn’t do that last year, somehow we found we have overcome more on that adventure. So you will notice in this little video that a big part of that is down to family and friends. (Unfortunately not everything made the cut like when the boys chased mummy all around the allotment with giant juicy worms and they stuffed creepy crawlies down my jumper)

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