I have always loved capturing people through a lens whether for photography or documentary movies . Somehow I found myself working for the BBC and other organisations filming and directing documentaries of life and its happenings. Then I photographed a friends wedding and that was that. No second take or resetting the film set, just camera action lights and I was hooked. Suddenly all of those skills of being nimble, capturing the unexpected in fresh ways now found a whole new meaning in wedding photography and video. And oh yeah I also use my experience in film-making to create a unique, cinematic story capturing all the emotion, spirit and soul of your wedding.

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My Approach

Your wedding day is probably going to be one of the most important days of your life.It is beyond normal so to just click a button on a camera and ask you to say cheese would be a crime. I believe your photo’s should be epic. For me the most beautiful and emotive images are those naturalistic unstaged moments where you don’t even know the camera has been there. Yes I will take the pictures of you as a couple and immediate family and various set up shots and then once the set up shots are complete I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible.

I shoot everything from early morning preparations to dancing the night away and all the other small details that can so often go unnoticed. The kind of photo’s that have passion, personality, emotion. The kind of photo’s that crack you up afterwards when you see your chief bridesmaid stick her tongue out at the page boy behind your back or your best man and grooms men trying to not smile and laugh at a joke in the background or the ones that bring a tear to your eye as you see for the first time your face as you walk down the aisle when the only thing you can see is Him.  Your Dad’s hand holding yours as his heart is pounding with joy but trying to be composed walking down the aisle. Those moments you cannot not see because you are busy dancing and catching up with friends. Those moments where the flower girls are running through daises in the golden light of a summers evening.  The smiles and the tears of your Mum and Dad as memories of you growing up race through their minds all at once.  The sunlight flooding through the church windows. The breeze infused with the floral scent of summer gently fill and exhale through your veil. These are the stories I want to capture for you.

This day is one of the greatest stories that will be told by you , your family, your friends, for all time. And I want to catch all of those little stories that that come together in a collage of color, light, emotion and make you go Wow, thats our story.

The coverage I offer is all day, and I provide you with a minimum of 400 hi res digitally edited and enhanced images (although I always seem to produce a lot more). The images will capture the whole story arc from the bridal/bridesmaids preparation, through the service, reception, the speeches and into the evening celebrations.  This usually amounts to 10 hours, but every wedding is different and I am totally flexible depending on your needs, and indeed your budget.

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