I have 20 years experience working in the broadcast & non broadcast film making industry and love telling stories through motion film and photography. I love nothing more than to take your idea, grab my camera and let your story come alive. Thats my passion, thats what I love to do, to tell a story that engages your


Filmed over a period of seven months, the entire journey of an aspiring children’s wheelchair basketball club unfolds, from their early training sessions all the way to the finals. A no holds barred approach, we see the players, coach and family member’s highs and lows, hopes and dreams and pure dedication to the sport and

Radio Plus Promo

Going on a road trip with Radio Plus is no ordinary journey. From the studio to the streets, rooftops to the stage, live lounges to huge cathedrals, capturing their shenanigans has been unforgettable and lots of fun.

Growing Communities

A local project where a group of young people are brought on a journey way outside their comfort zone amongst the brambles,weeds and mini beasts of an allotment. As you follow their journey you will see that it wasn’t just the plot that was transformed.


I believe that in every person, every experience, every setting that there is a story that nobody else , ( not even Spielberg) can write or tell. I love to reveal  , to capture those stories and create fresh visuals in order to evoke emotion, thought, connections. “ If you don’t see the movie you


This is a short introduction to a movie commissioned by Mayday Trust to highlight their work with vulnerable adults who have been homeless. Mayday is a UK registered charity (1035524) providing specialised support, life-skills training and accommodation. The Trust manages schemes across Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. Through social-skills training and confidence-building programmes, Mayday prepares clients