I have 20 years experience working in the broadcast & non broadcast film making industry and love telling stories through motion film and photography. I love nothing more than to take your idea, grab my camera and let your story come alive. Thats my passion, thats what I love to do, to tell a story that engages your

Lost without your Light

Never have I had so much fun with in making a music video as I have had with his group. From using magic tricks by daylight and playing with fire in the dark woods its amazing how nobody went missing.

You Let Me Go

This video was filmed in a gale in Dovedale, the Peak District, and on a beautiful, sunny morning in Crackley Woods in Warwickshire. Colin Halliwell who was the assistant producer spent most of his time keeping caroline warm and fighting of midges but as Caroline said “but it was worth it…..” Caroline has dedicated this

Just Like A Film

A music video I shot for a very talented young man (Jordan Williams) aka Mr Coventry, with his girl Lauren Grace Abbott as they ran under the night sky against the backdrop of an historic city being chased by tough guy’s. It was lot’s of fun to shoot with next to no light used other

Streetlight Soul – Promo

Filmed in one take at a live event and they didn’t even miss a beat. They are Streetlight Soul who are a funky function band from the Midlands providing the very best of live music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today!